Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Randle Lions Theatre Presents “The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow”

October 21 - October 22
7:00 pm

Thomas E. Randle High School Auditorium


Randle Theatre opens their year with this family-friendly version of the classic tale.

Randle Lions Theatre presents John Heimbuch and Jon Ferguson’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” at Thomas E. Randle High School. “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” will be showing on October 21 and October 22 at 7 PM. Tickets for students are $5 and tickets for adults are $10.

“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” follows Ichabod Crane, a schoolteacher from Connecticut, as he starts his new life in the small and unusual village of Sleepy Hollow. This village is believed to be bewitched in some way and as Ichabod spends more time with the citizens of this valley he is constantly informed of the folklore. As he scourers through the mysteries of this town, he’s quick to love and unfortunately falls short of…well, that’s for the audience to find out! Heimbuch and Ferguson’s script is a hilarious and fast-paced version of the classic story we all know and love.

“This is our first production for this year, and it was not what I expected! It’s a really funny story about the dark mysteries of a town but I promise you will find humor and laughter throughout this play. Believe me when I say this is going to be a great show and I’m excited for people to see all the hard work being put in!”- Junior Monique Kalonji.

“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” will run October 21-22 at 7 PM at Thomas E. Randle High School Auditorium (7600 Koeblen Rd, Richmond, TX 77469). Tickets can be purchased online at TRHSRLT.booktix.com or in cash at the door.