An Online Town Hall is being held to solicit feedback on updates to the city’s zoning use classification and parking requirements.

The updates are being considered by the Sugar Land Planning and Zoning Commission during a series of workshops that began in August. Zoning-use classifications and parking requirements are included in chapter two of the city’s Development Code.

“The purpose of this project is to modernize, simplify and clarify these requirements – which were adopted over 20 years ago – to ensure we’re setting clear standards for development in accordance with our community’s values,” said Director of Planning Lisa Kocich-Meyer. “These improvements are intended to adapt the code to today’s needs while continuing to protect the quality of life our residents currently enjoy, and we encourage community feedback on the proposed changes.”

Following the commission’s review and recommendation – including a public hearing, City Council will consider the updates prior to formal approval and provide an additional public hearing to solicit input from residents.

The Development Code is the official document that ensures safe, orderly and efficient development throughout the city in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan. It provides the basis for the review of projects submitted by property owners who want to alter or develop land within Sugar Land. Components of the Development Code include zoning, sign, subdivision, building, airport zoning, and flood damage reduction regulations.  The update will not:

  • remove safeguards and protections currently in place;
  • change restrictions on multi-family (apartment) development;
  • allow incompatible non-residential uses in the middle of a neighborhood; or
  • change the character of our existing zoning districts.

“Updates to the Development Code as part of this project will enhance the quality of life for our residents and businesses by streamlining the zoning use classification and parking regulation tables, as well as continuing to protect single-family residential neighborhoods from undesirable and incompatible uses,” said Kocich-Meyer.

The Online Town Hall will run through the duration of the commission’s series of workshops. Comments from residents and businesses in Sugar Land and the ETJ will be provided to the Planning & Zoning Commission before they make their recommendation to City Council.

Access the Online Town Hall and learn more on the project webpage at

This is a News Release for the City of Sugar Land.