City of Sugar Land announces a Citizen Self Service Portal.

From the City of Sugar Land:

The city of Sugar Land plans to launch a Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal on June 14 – an initiative to provide open, easy access to city government and use smart solutions to improve services for our customers.

The portal moves the plans, permits and licenses submittal processes to a convenient online-only process.

The many features and benefits of the CSS portal allow easy online progress tracking for plan, permit and licensing requests. Other features include:

  • easy step-by-step processes and the ability to create an online profile for future submission needs;
  • integration with mapping tools for easy pinpointing of job locations;
  • the ability to start and save permits or plan applications for submittal at a later date;
  • online inspection requests that allow for multiple inspections of one or more job sites, all on a single screen; and
  • the ability to add and conveniently pay for multiple itemized invoices at various times and across multiple devices.

Sugar Land is always looking at technology that will improve both internal and external efficiencies and ensure the delivery of services that meet the needs of the community and businesses.

The CSS portal is scheduled to go live on June 14. To learn more about this transition, visit

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