One study shows that red light cameras do not decrease crashes or improve safety.

KHOU reports that “a new study finds red light cameras do not cut down on wrecks or make intersections safer, and in some cases, they may lead to more crashes.”

“Researchers at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio looked at thousands of collisions in Texas over a 12-year span, focusing on TxDOT data while cameras in Houston were operational and after they were removed. The CWRU researchers found more drivers brake harder and more suddenly to avoid getting a ticket, causing more fender benders. In Houston, they blame the cameras for an 18 percent jump in “non-angle” crashes, while in Houston and Dallas combined, they note a 28 percent.”

KHOU spoke with some Sugar Land residents who were in favor of red light cameras and one who thought they were just a money grab for the City. According to KHOU, “During the Houston red light camera program’s four years of operation, the CWRU study says the city issued around 800,000 citations worth $75 each, collecting about $44 million.”

“Supporters say red light cameras improve safety. In a June press release, Sugar Land officials credited them with helping reduce crashes by 58 percent at the intersections where they’re installed.”

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