Assessment of the Sugar Land Police Department provides valuable feedback.

The Center for Public Safety Management’s (CPSM) recent assessment of the Sugar Land Police Department confirmed that the city has a modern police agency that is professional and responsive to community needs.

The assessment was part of an overall program of continuous improvement utilizing benchmarks developed by nationally recognized organizations.

Industry experts who conducted the assessment made 54 recommendations related to the deployment of resources, organizational structure, performance measures, community outreach and other areas to ensure that Sugar Land remains one of the safest cities in the country.
Sugar Land’s crime rate for 2017 was the lowest on record after hitting a 20-year low in 2016.  Industry experts who conducted the assessment credited SLPD as one of the best run agencies they’ve evaluated in the nation.

Contributing to SLPD’s success is a commitment to a strong police presence, community partnerships, public education, technology implementation such as cameras, training and departmental leadership development.

A collaborative action plan will be developed by city leaders to review recommendations from the assessment and enhance operational effectiveness. The project will include identifying which of the recommendations may be implemented immediately and long-term.  Recommendations that require increased expenditures will be evaluated through the City’s budget process.

The full report is posted at

This notice is from the City of Sugar Land.